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IMWordpress.com Terms Of Use And Service Agreement

We want to thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the IMWordpress.com Membership site. We believe you will find such a great value here that you will want to come back daily to learn more about internet marketing. We are building this site daily, weekly and monthly to make that possible for you so that this is your primary destination for knowledge so that you can concentrate on building your online presence rather than floating the internet looking for the same exact items we will be providing you here. First we require you to agree to these Terms Of Use and Service in order to access this site, whether as a FREE or VIP Lifetime Member.

The Member Agrees To The Following:

  • I will never give out my membership name, password or other details to someone not registered as either a FREE or PAID Member.
  • I will always abide by the rules of the license agreement assigned to any product I may acquire from this site.
  • I believe in trustworthy and ethical business practices and promise to uphold them daily.
  • I will not attack any other marketer in any forum we may provide.
  • I will not attempt to enter into a platform, page or post that I am not a member.
  • I will always seek to better the internet marketing community through best practices.
  • I will not seek to damage this membership site in any manner whatsoever.
  • I will only apply for and use at any given time ONE (1) Membership level.
  • If an affiliate I will use only ethical means to attract prospects to this site.
  • I will not spam anyone to gain a competitive edge for personal gain.
  • I will never reverse engineer any links of this site or it’s users.
  • I understand that this site is considered Intellectual Property (IP).
  • I will not use or attempt to access for use any graphics, logos or other art that I am not specifically entitled to use by license from this site.
  • I understand there are links to OOBPUBLISHERS.COM for further support.
  • I understand as a PAID VIP LIFETIME MEMBER the membership will require annual verification.
  • I understand that after the initial Thirty (30) Day period no refunds whatsoever will be granted.
  • I understand that I must put in a Support Ticket to request a refund during the initial period and that failure to do so in a timely manner may forfeit my right to such a refund.
  • I understand that my Free VIP Lifetime Membership Blog is for one year from the time of signup and will require an annual commitment after that period.
  • I understand I am not required to renew my Free blog after the first year or any subsequent year if I choose to cancel, and that I will be entitled to only whole months prorated value of any remaining time as a refund. (See our service page when you sign up for your blog).
  • I understand I may not use my blog for any adult themed content, or any other thing that might also be illegal.
  • I understand that my free blog will be revoked if I choose to cancel within the initial thirty (30) day period since it is a hosted service through Oobpublishers.com.
  • I understand I am solely a user of this service and have no ownership rights whatsoever in the product or services being provided and must abide by all terms of use and service or risk revocation of my membership and possibly forfeiture of any monies paid.

I understand as a PAID Member I can cancel anytime, for any reason whatsoever, and specifically during the first THIRTY (30) CALENDAR DAYS I may request a full refund of my Membership fee and retain all the products as a gift for trying your service (except as may be noted above).

By fulfilling on this order I do hereby agree and promise to abide by the rules and regulations of this site and will always to the best of my abilities promote myself in a professional manner within the walls of this site.